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What first got you writing out the lives of your characters? Was it part of roleplaying with others, a desire to tell your own stories, a wish to get something out of your head or something more?

A little of all of the above.

Zita and Clarissa both started off as roleplay characters. They later walked into my system and continuing to write them gives me more context into who they are via their source material. Zita Fiore is a Harry Potter OC, a Ravenclaw with an deep abiding love for Herbology. It's not entirely a coincidence that her name translates to "Little Girl Flower" in Italian. Clarissa was a walk-in from a tabletop game with my friends in an Arthurian Legends inspired branch of Changeling the Dreaming. She's a sidhe Changeling with a past life as Clarissant.

Annabel was a way to channel dark thoughts out of my head into a vengeful assassin with survival skills. Annabel's Universe is the one where you'll get tossed to if you annoy me and I'll give you a long painful humiliating death.

Martin was a space exploration character who fell in love with an ai. I wanted to play with the idea that people can fall in love with strangers especially when isolated.

Samantha was a crosser character who I wanted to have the ability to worldwalk.

Gabriel is a way to get depressing thoughts out of my head and tends to primarily be a vent board for emotions. He's actually a ghost. I write a lot of poetry through him about dealing with being different.


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